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02/28/2009 @ 12:50 PM: Dear Friends:

Thanks so much to all have supported me in the Six Songs In Six Weeks project thus far. The purpose of the project was multi-faceted; mostly I meant to kick-start my own songwriting again, but I was also looking to put my name out more in the Twin Cities music scene and simply combat the winter blues (nothing thwarts it better than creativity!). I was happy with the progression of the first three songs and had a solid start to Song #4. It is with quite a bit of regret I must announce the temporary suspension of the Six Songs In Six Weeks project. I spent the previous two weeks carrying a 102 temperature that was accompanied by a nasty sinus infection. I'd been feeling much better this week, and it appeared the only impact it would have on song releases was a slightly-late Song #4. However, Friday evening, after playing an especially energetic show with AT/DT, I slipped on some concrete stairs while hauling my gear out of the club and seriously injured my back. I am basically immobile right now and will probably not be able to resume music work for another week or two. I am very disappointed, to say the least.

Several weeks back I was approached by about doing a live webcast interview and performance to promote the Six Songs In Six Weeks project. We booked March 12, which would have been the same day of the final release, Song #6. I believe the webcast will still go on, though obviously not all of the music will have been released as originally planned. (I should point out, too, the performance will be my first as a solo artist in almost ten years!) I will post details about the webcast shortly.

Again, thanks for all of your support, comments, and for simply listening. The final three songs will come out in successive weeks after this very short "recovery period."



Club_Underground_Feb_27_2009_04 (1125k image)
AT/DT Live @ Club Underground - February 27, 2009

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