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04/09/2011 @ 11:16 PM: Well then... It's been a while, huh?

Updating one's website regularly is supposed to be good for keeping it higher in search listings and also just for giving people a reason to check back. I've not really been concerned with either lately, to be honest. Like many, my online presence has shifted primarily to Facebook; you can find me there at I've stopped updating my solo music MySpace page and the AT/DT MySpace page as well. Their new format is terrible and not user-friendly in the slightest. For now the two sites will stay up, but I don't intend to log in again. Eventually I'll shift both pages to whatever I determine to be the best site for hosting music. And at some point this get the revamping for which it is long overdue.

I've completed several custom guitars over the past few months. All still need to be photographed and have summaries written for (as I've always done in the past). I anticipate doing so in assembly line type fashion, so be ready for some very frequent successive custom guitar postings.

I'm still operating my recording studio temporarily out of the rehearsal space in St. Paul. Though I am frequently frustrated with the limitations of that space, it's also forced me to simplify my approach to recording. I've found myself not over-thinking the processes and additionally taking advantage of the room's sound more. Less isolation means more open and honest sounding recordings. In that sense I still feel as though I've grown as an engineer. My studio will be moved permanently to my house--just as soon as the wife and I buy it. And we've just starting house shopping. I truly look forward to investing in the space in a way like I've never done before.

More to come. In the meantime, catch me on Facebook.

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