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05/01/2011 @ 02:31 AM:

The AT Custom Red & Black Single-Hum Basswood Strat
Serial Number: 1201021
Completed: December 2010

The AT Custom Red & Black Single-Hum Basswood Strat was completed on December 27, 2010.

This is the second single humbucker basswood guitar body I started work on but technically the first guitar project I ever painted (all others were stained or finished with oil). The other basswood project was not completed. I wanted to do a "quick spray can" paint job on a guitar, not unlike the famous axes used early on by Mr. EVH. I acquired the body from a local builder in late-2009 and started finishing work right away. It was a learning project like they all tend to be when attempting something new. I really didn't need to seal the body nor paint a primer; basswood holds paint well and doesn't "absorb" moisture quite as much more open-grain wood. So while the idea was to do a quick job, it turned into several months--and several coats--of painting. I used Duplicolor, which is auto paint. It looks good and goes on well. The final result here, however, got caught somewhere between crappy and really good. I wish it had leaned one way or another a little more. It's a little too good for crappy but a little too crappy for really good. Whatta ya gonna do? The idea was to build a rock guitar with a fun paint job for gigs with AT/DT. That ol' tongue-in-cheek band of mine has since been put on hiatus. Thus this guitar sits in need of a purpose. The number painted on the front, 1201021, is its serial number and was the original inspiration for the project. I typically give a serial number to each guitar project upon its completion. When I examined my log of completed custom guitars I realized that, if completed in 2010, the next one in line would be a palindrome. And from there I decided to paint it right on the front of the guitar, etc., etc. Though completed in late December of 2010, the guitar, like AT/DT, sat on the sidelines waiting for something to happen with it. And because I gave this one its serial number before the project even began, several other guitars ended up getting finished first and my sequence was thrown off a little. Again, whatta ya gonna do?

Pictures of this guitar in progress, along with my other current and completed guitar projects, can be found on my Facebook page:


Body: DaVinci Solid Basswood; Red, Black & Clear Duplicolor Paint

Neck: Mighty Mite Maple; C-Shape Profile; 9.5"-12" Compound Radius; 1 5/8" Black Floyd Rose Locking Nut; Medium-Jumbo Frets (22); Black Floyd Rose String Retainer Bar; Satin Finish

Pickup: DiMarzio Tone Zone Humbucker w/ Black Pickup Ring

Electronics: Bourns 500K Volume Potentiometer w/ Red Strat Style Knob; Switchcraft Jack w/ Black Jack Plate

Hardware: Ping Black Licensed Floyd Rose Tremolo w/ Black EVH D-Tuna; Wilkinson Mini Black Tuners; Black Control Cover; Black Neck Bolt Ferrules; Black Strap Buttons


Basswood_Strat_II_18 (174k image)

Basswood_Strat_II_19 (178k image)

Basswood_Strat_II_20 (200k image)

Basswood_Strat_II_16 (210k image)

Basswood_Strat_II_17 (159k image)

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Andrew Thomas