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05/08/2011 @ 07:07 AM:

The AT Custom Black White Pine Tele
Serial Number: 1201126
Completed: March 2011

The AT Custom Black White Pine Tele was completed on March 31, 2011.

Another guitar assembled mostly from parts I had on hand, this Tele was meant to be inexpensive but closest to Fender stock as any of the three Teles I'd done. Its first body was a gloss black b-grade poplar cheapie that turned out to be too problematic to use. So I pulled out one of two raw white pine bodies I'd bought a while back from a builder selling on eBay, dyed it black, and clear-coated it with Krylon acrylic spray. Not a phenomenal finish by any means--it wasn't meant to be--evidenced by the wood grain you can feel by running your hand across it. Assembly went well, and I'm hoping this Tele will find some regular use in the recording studio.

Pictures of this guitar in progress, along with my other current and completed guitar projects, can be found on my Facebook page:


Body: Solid White Pine; Black Dye; Acrylic Finish

Neck: Eden Maple/Rosewood; C-Shape Profile; 12" Radius; 1 5/8" Bone Nut; Medium Frets (21); Graph Tech String Trees; Satin Finish

Pickups: GFS Hot Lead Alnico Single Coil Bridge; GFS Alnico Single Coil Neck

Electronics: DiMarzio 250K Volume & Tone Potentiometers w/ Chrome Tele Style Knobs; 3-Way Pickup Selector Switch w/ Black Tip; Switchcraft Jack w/ Chrome Jack Plate

Hardware: Chrome String-Thru Hardtail Bridge; Chrome Tuners w/ Brown Tortoise Shell Buttons; Black/White/Brown Tortoise Shell Pickguard; Chrome Control Cover; Chrome String Ferrules; Chrome Neck Plate w/ Black Plastic Gasket; Chrome Strap Buttons


Black_White_Pine_Tele_11 (351k image)

Black_White_Pine_Tele_12 (301k image)

Black_White_Pine_Tele_14 (414k image)

Black_White_Pine_Tele_15 (348k image)

Black_White_Pine_Tele_13 (567k image)

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