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Soliton Recording Studios history

Located just off Lyndale Avenue in Bloomington, Minnesota, Soliton Recording Studios has been in operation since 2000. The studio had previously, since 1995, been located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota and was known then as Greenhouse Studios. Owners Andrew Thomas and Jeremy Ylvisaker made the move to Bloomington when they outgrew the old space and sought to improve the quality of the studio's rooms. In 2003, Thomas bought out Ylvisaker and became Soliton's sole proprietor. Though Ylvisaker is no longer part-owner, he still regularly works at the studio.

Soliton and the former Greenhouse Studios have acted as the creative home for literally hundreds of recordings since 1995. Some have gone on to national and international success via independent or major record labels; others have remained demos or seen success at a local level. Over the years, Thomas and Ylvisaker have worked with a wide variety of artists and bands, with styles spreading the musical spectrum.

Thomas and Ylvisaker have known one another since the late-1980s. They discovered their collaborative abilities when Thomas was recording his debut CD in 1993 and recruited Ylvisaker to co-produce. In 1995 they formed their business partnership from almost nothing - merging equipment from small studios in their parents' homes and taking a business loan to buy more. The studio continues to change and grow, but the fundamental roots on which it was founded remain in tact; good ideas, inspired performances, and a creative environment translate to recorded quality.

thumbnail 001thumbnail 002thumbnail 003thumbnail 004The Studio in Photos: February 2004
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The goal of Soliton Recording Studios is to provide artists with a comfortable and stimulating environment for creating and recording music of all forms. Absent is the giant clock present in some studios that constantly remind artists how much they're spending. And there are no strict moment-you-walk-in to the moment-you-walk-out charges either; rates are relaxed and take on different forms based on each respective project.

Soliton is a project studio - an idea factory. And while it houses an abundance of quality equipment, the main catalysts to employ are producers/engineers Andrew Thomas and Jeremy Ylvisaker. The two have nearly forty years of collective experience and act as facilitators in bringing out the very best of every project. Often Thomas and Ylvisaker work on projects collaboratively, sometimes they work independently of one another.

Soliton is an ever-growing facility. Thomas looks forward to continually upgrading with better microphones, new microphone pre-amps, a complete hard drive recording system, and quality vintage analog equipment. In the meantime, Soliton can be exploited for its always-inspiring atmosphere and creatively-driven producers. Though the complexion, location, and even name may change in the coming years, the laid-back feel Soliton has come to be known for will not.

•   Band and solo artist full-length CD or demo projects
•   Voice-over recording
•   Film and television scoring
•   Television and radio commercial recording
•   Live location recording
•   Up to 32 Tracks of Digital Tracking (ADAT)
•   Mixdown to 2-Track Digital Tape (DAT), 2-Track Analog Tape, or Stereo Computer Files (.wav, .aif, .mp3, etc.)
•   Digital Mastering and Editing (Pro Tools, Cool Edit Pro)
•   Music and File Transfers (DAT, Computer Files, Cassettes to CD, Music or Computer Files to DAT, Etc.)
•   Numerous session musicians associated with Soliton who are available to perform at reasonable rates
•   AT & JY are also available as session musicians (at Soliton or elsewhere)
Andrew Thomas